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Singpho Tea

We Made it With Love

The oldest form of tea available in India

12th century old tradition

Singpho, a tribe inhabiting eastern part of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh in India, China & Myanmar. The Singphos in India is said to have been drinking tea since the 12th century.

Tea plants were wild shrubs

The tea plants in Arunachal Pradesh and Assam that the Singphos have been harvesting for centuries, are actually wild shrubs in forests, usually more than 10 feet tall. The harvesters would mount on elephant backs to pluck tea leaves from those trees.

Age old preservation technique

The tea leaves are dried under the sun and are tightly packed into bamboo tubes and smoked over the fire. Later these bamboo tubes are placed on a dhuwa chang (shelves above the firewood cooking pit) for preservation upto 10 years.

The smokiest brew

The bamboo tube has been cut into small pieces of uneven sizes as the bamboo tubes come in different length and sizes. Small portions of the tubular piece need to be sliced off with a knife to brew a cup of tea. 1 teaspoon is enough to brew a cup of smoked Singpho Tea.


By the 8th century, tea had gained widespread acceptance among all classes in China & Japan. As the enthusiastic Europeans started exploring the world during 15th & 16 century, they were mesmerized by the spices of India & tea of China, and thus began Europe’s romance with tea 500 years ago. The Portuguese & Dutch explorers of the late 16th century who were full of praises for tea, returned to their respective countries with small quantities of tea to gift it to the Royalty & shared with their families which led to some awareness of tea in Europe. Read more

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