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Rajgarh Handmade Elegance Green

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An exotic batch of green silver tippy tea from a small organically grown farm in Rajgarh Valley in Assam. A hand rolled tea with strong heady flavours. The vegetal notes are calming, making it an ideal cup of healthy tea during the day. The palette is treated with a smooth sweet feeling which keeps on lingering even after the last sip.
Product Title: Rajgarh Handmade Elegance Green
Tea Type: green tea
Caffeine: LOW
Origin: ASSAM
Flush/Season: AUTUMN FLUSH
Grade: Hand-Rolled Whole Leaf
Date of Manufacturing: October 9, 2016
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About the Rajgarh Valley, Assam

An organically grown tea farm situated in the Rajgarh Valley in Assam was planted by its owner Dhiren in the late 80s. It was initially planted to supply green leaves to the bought leaf factories for the manufacturing of CTC tea but Mr. Dhiren, recognizing the benefits of organic farming, took to the organic ways of production in 2001. It was during the late 1900s that Mr. Dhiren saw a decline in his green leaf production as his plantations became diseased due to the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Realizing the harmful effects of the chemical fertilizers and pesticides that he had been dependent on for almost a decade, Mr. Dhiren was determined to put an end to the chemicals he had been spraying, like any other tea garden in Assam. Ever since he has embraced the organic way of life, and he has been propagating the good effects of going organic through training and workshops among fellow small tea growers of Assam. Mr. Dhiren’s tea cultivation technique is an amalgamation of ancestral and traditional techniques learned from elders and advice sought from other experts, creating a fine balance between tradition and modernity. His farm has become a model farm for training the small tea planters, apart from producing some of the finest rare exotic handmade Assam teas. Mr. Dhiren is extremely experimental in nature and is known in the Assam tea industry for being enterprising and an innovator. Although he has been using 100% natural farming techniques rendering his teas above organic standards, Mr. Dhiren has been unable to afford certifications due to the huge costs involved in the certification processes. He has been manufacturing a unique batch of rare exotic teas for us, from some of the selected bushes which undoubtedly require meticulous detailing while plucking.