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Darjeeling White Reserve

6.2 8.86 8 cups
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A signature batch of rare Darjeeling white tea made from the unopened buds of the camellia sinensis plant. Hand processed organically grown and first flush white tea with notes of an aromatic floral bouquet and a hit of low astringency can be felt on the palate.
Product Title: Darjeeling White Reserve
Tea Type: white tea
Caffeine: MEDIUM
Grade: Silver Tips
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About the Rungbusty Valley, Darjeeling

Weaving through the mountains near the Indo-Nepal border at an altitude of 5400ft, the Rungbusty Valley tea estate is a 27 hectares estate owned by a group of 100 organic small tea growers. Along with tea, they also cultivate peas, corns and a variety of vegetables organically to make a living. The expense of high-priced chemicals steered the small organic tea growers towards organic methods and they have collectively decided to stick to organic cultivation. In order to further facilitate the manufacturing of organic tea, a few members came together in 2015 to start a micro-tea processing factory. Leaves are collected from each member’s tea garden and then taken to the factory to be processed. These small organic tea growers have, unfortunately, had to face exploitation at the hands of the larger players in the market, who did not pay them adequately against the green leaves that they buy from the small organic tea growers. Nevertheless, against all odds, this association of small organic tea growers, continue to confront challenges that come their way by putting up a united front, and being dedicated to the art of tea cultivation. As a result, they produce some of the finest rare Black, Oolong, White and Green teas.