Maintaining the sustainability and natural integrity the Tea Leaf Theory, a small natural tea grower's initiative founded in 2015 trains, support and promote the marginalized tea farmers across Assam and Darjeeling. It has spread to the emerging tea producing regions like Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Nilgiri, Manipur and Mizoram. Our research-based small holder's tea sourcing platform operates experimental stations across Assam, Darjeeling and Arunachal which has helped farmers with production insights to produce finest craft teas and backed by tea tasters to evaluate and shortlist teas as per the client's requirement. This has led us in bridging the gap between the buyers and the sellers.

Enduring a hard time earlier in the year 2015, we had to build up and stabilize an unorganised market setting, a new standard for small farmer's tea and benchmarking the production quality. Currently we have successfully organized 28 small natural & sustainable tea growers across different tea growing regions with a special focus to revamp the image of Assam tea that seemed to have lost its glory over the time. Having the highest concentration of sustainable tea farmers in Assam, these producers have adopted natural farming practices to revive the authenticity and discard the artificiality to prevent themselves from the harmful diseases and also because they could not afford to buy synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.  Earlier these farmers used to make a living by selling their green leaves to the inorganic CTC factories in tune of around 3- 5 kgs for a $1.

The farmers enrolled in our group adopts traditional cultivation techniques which were passed on by their ancestors through generations, have shunned the use of harmful and expensive chemicals in order to preserve the soil for the future generations.

Most of our farmers doesn’t have an organic certification as we could not afford to get one owing to very high certification cost however, our cultivation techniques are far above organic standards and have passed chemical tests, hence we call it a natural way of farming. Most of our teas are handcrafted by the tea growers themselves and produced with a minimal mechanical intervention, which makes our teas a rare craft, unique and flavourful. Our initiative also helps sustain the organic revolution by supporting more farmers to become self-sustainable entrepreneurs and thereby raise their living standards.

Come be a part of our journey and help us sustain the movement!