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About Us

A cup of tea, like any other thing, has a story. A story that begins in the lush green gardens and ends with the perfectly brewed cup that keeps a person sane following a long day at work. However, it is also a story that often fails to recognise the journeys of hundreds of small organic tea growers who pour their love and dedication into nurturing these verdant shrubs. Therefore, the basic objective behind The Tea Leaf Theory is to aid and promote these unsung heroes, who are often marginalised as small tea growers, unable to keep up with the competition in the tea industry due to various factors. These tea growers are often overlooked; however, we cannot ignore the fact that they devote their lives and souls to produce some of the finest rare teas, the world has ever tasted.

The dedication, the hard work and the love for nature is what makes us believe that our Teas are grown with "Organic Love" and this has given birth to a new theory – “The Tea Leaf Theory”

It is a just the beginning of a journey, of a revolution.

The humble cup of tea is often a product of strenuous hard work by small tea growers, who earn their livelihood by the sweat of their brows. Growing tea bushes and plucking the choicest, tender leaves under the long tiring scorching sun and using traditional methods with minimal mechanical interference surely deserves attention!

Our farmers start their day with a commitment to give back to Mother Nature what she deserves best, and shun the use of all chemical fertilisers and pesticides and nurture the tea bushes with organic love. It is our constant endeavour to promote, support and work hand in hand with these small tea growers to create some of the most unique and rare teas.

Our farmers produce tea on a simple philosophy, which is “quality over quantity”, and hence, are on a continuous learning curve by sharing and exchanging new ideas and findings amongst the small organic tea grower’s community. We help strengthen every farmer’s wish to save the soil for their future generations and live life fresh, healthy and free from chemicals and produce better tea year on year. Although their cultivation techniques can be placed even above organic standards, these tea growers are unable to afford organic certification owing to huge costs.

We source some of the finest rare organic teas that are produced naturally and organically from small tea gardens in the Brahmaputra Valley in Assam, the foothills of the Himalayas in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, Khasi hills in Meghalaya, the high altitude mountains in Nilgiris and the highland Himalayan tea gardens of Darjeeling & Nepal. Most of our teas are hand-rolled (or use very minimum mechanical process) by our farmers and their extended families to give a perfect finish unlike any other factory made graded tea. Owing to small land holding by the farmers and indigenous fine craft manufacturing processes these teas are produced only in small batches. Only the finest, rarest and the freshest batches of teas that clear all our stringent testing processes make way to your cup.