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Darjeeling Autumn Rush

6.03 8 cups
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A beautifully crafted batch of Darjeeling Autumn tea grown at 5000ft in a small organic tea farm in Chota Poobong. The dry leaves emit a complex aroma of roasted nut and sun dried cocoa. When infused it produces a smooth bright liquor with notes of toasted nuts and floral nuances with an earthy finish.
Product Title: Darjeeling Autumn Rush
Tea Type: black tea
Caffeine: HIGH
Flush/Season: AUTUMN FLUSH
Date of Manufacturing: October 29, 2016
SKU: CHP 001116_1
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  • Wilfred Grey
    22 April, 20170 replies

    A gentle cup of signature autumnal black tea from Darjeeling. Smooth and flavourful with a high firing finish.

  • Mathew Watson
    08 April, 20170 replies

    Thank you Tea Leaf Theory for introducing me to this delightful tea. Love the smooth with a darker finish. Look forward to you Spring flush

  • Mr Paul Booth
    08 January, 20170 replies

    Full bodied and full flavoured autumn flush , very smooth with no bitterness at all. Has an earthy smoky aroma and flavour which I like . Possibly dried over a wood fire .

About the Chota Poobong, Darjeeling

The small bio-organic tea garden in Chota Poobong is situated in the mystical hills of the Himalayas, surrounded by a beautiful tea garden in the south and a magnificent reserve forest area with diverse flora and fauna towards the north. In 2000 an ardent tea lover Bikram Niroula from Chota Pubung initiated and planted the first Camellia Sinensis in a small area absolutely in a bio-organic way as a hobby straight from the heart. His devotion and fascination for high-grade quality tea grew instantly. His small tea farm nurtured carefully hand-grown finest tea crafted with sheer love and joy for pure organic tea. Tea growers were deprived of getting benefit under the terms and conditions of big tea gardens due to the absence of the factory of their own and they were bargained and deprived of the real price of the green tea leaves. He and his group of small farmer’s relentless pleading and negotiation with major tea gardens players continued for better pricing of tea leaves failed time and again. In 2014 Bhawesh, a young dynamic entrepreneur and present owner, realised the importance to cater the finest high grade quality of Darjeeling tea to the world and his foresightedness saw the potential that this small farm had. Thus following his father’s footsteps he realised that the magic of Camellia Sinensis and moved further ahead and started an indigenous mini tea processing unit in Darjeeling. We have been working very closely with Bhawesh to produce some of the finest organically grown Darjeeling teas.