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Darjeeling Woody Musc Black

5.83 8 cups
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A very fine, delicate high fired Darjeeling second flush organically grown at the lush Sukhia Pokhri valley at an altitude of 6000 feet. A hard to find tea with smooth muscatel notes which mature into light woody caramel tones. The flavour of the aromatic highland brew lingers long on the palate to leave a pleasant aftertaste.
Product Title: Darjeeling Woody Musc Black
Tea Type: black tea
Caffeine: HIGH
Date of Manufacturing: May 19, 2016
15 votes (5 out of 5 stars)
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  • Wilfred Grey
    22 April, 20170 replies

    This seems to be low fired very smooth delectable aroma with fruity and a strong nutty aroma.

  • Weider Brough
    06 April, 20170 replies

    Very happy with the liquor and the appearance, I can literally relish the sweet muscatel feel from the second flush teas.

  • Mr Paul Booth
    08 December, 20160 replies

    Beautiful honey sweet aroma from the dry leaves, Lovely sweet rich flavour and very very smooth. Excellent leaf quality with whole leaves and buds.

About the Sukhia Pokhri Valley, Darjeeling

Sukhia Porkhri is a gateway to several small towns, villages and trekking routes in Darjeeling. It is also a region that is rich and vibrant in terms of its flora and fauna, boasting of some of the finest tea gardens in the country. Mr. Subba is a pioneer when it comes to tea cultivation. A Government Revenue officer when the government removed the ban on cultivating tea in Darjeeling, Mr. Subba was able to spread the news of the lifting of the ban. In the process, he was able to encourage farmers from various regions in the valley to plant and cultivate teas organically since the farmers could not afford the required chemicals. Mr. Subba himself began to plant tea in 15 acres of land near the town od Sukhia Pokhri. Today, the farmers, whom Mr. Subba helped and encouraged, constitute a majority of the small organic tea growers in the region. Mr. Subba, along with his grandson, takes care of the fifteen-acre tea garden and a micro-factory that helps him manufacture distinctly flavoured tea. The micro-factory, designed in consultation with tea experts, possesses a wooden manual rolling table and a charcoal dryer that helps produce small quantities of fine rare teas. The wooden rolling table moves in a pendulum motion, which gives a different shape to the teas, while also providing a unique taste. Despite being 83-years old, Mr. Subba actively cultivates his tea garden and manufactures organic tea, while continuing to experiment various blends of tea with his grandson. Mr. Subba still does not use chemicals, preferring to use organic methods despite being unable to afford organic certification.