October #Teasomeness Pack - 70 Cups

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Assam Signature Gold An exclusively handcrafted batch of golden tippy Assam black tea from a small organic tea farm in Assam. This limited signature batch of Assam black is a sign of tea master's excellence. Fruity notes of peach and apricot followed by hints of dates can be felt on the palate. The liquor is the smoothest of all Assam blacks so far with a very mild briskness and a superior body. The fine crafted dry leaves emit complex notes of dried cocoa and cashew.30 gm
Sikkim Imperial Black A very fine handcrafted black tea from a boutique organically grown small tea farm in the pristine Himalayan region in Sikkim, India. This superior rare crafted tea from the late spring boasts of a very distinct aroma even though the Darjeeling clones are grown across the estate. When infused pronounced notes of early muscatel can be felt on the palate with notes of cedar and raisins in the mids with a bold aromatic finish. The liquor is a mix of highlander Darjeeling summer teas and a bold Assam with a medium body.20 gm
Silver Twist Classic GreenA fine rare crafted silver tippy batch of green tea from Assam's best tea varietals boast of it fine craftsmanship and showcases the effort that goes into producing a high-class specialty green tea. When brewed it produces subtle vegetal notes followed by hints of wild herbs in the mids. A medium bodied green tea with a grassy feel and lingering notes of gooseberry towards the end.30 gm
Chota Poobong Spring Elegance, DarjeelingThis limited batch spring black from the Himalayan foothill is bestowed with notes of a floral bouquet and a mild grassiness of wild aromatic herbs. The liquor is bright golden with a darker shade of yellow; a complex mix of a fresh bouquet and fruity notes followed by a gentle briskness in the mids and a mild smokiness towards the end can be felt on the palate.40 gm
Bohagi White Peony, Assam Made from the choicest and the most delicate one leaf and a bud from one of the best Assamica cultivar found in Assam. Produced in a small organically grown tea garden in upper Assam the dry leaf emits gentle notes of stone fruits and apricots. The liquor is very smooth with subtle notes of fragrant wild orchids and a very light fruity nose. This limited batch white tea is a delight to the tea lovers because of its distinctive flowery aroma and hence considered to be a rare find among all the white teas across the world.15 gm
Nepal First Flush OolongOolong teas are a different world when it come to its complex flavour notes and a combination of both the world of teas- black and green. This Nepal first flush oolong boasts of floral nuances with a very good amount of briskness making it a perfect cup during a lazy day in office like any other Darjeeling Oolong. The liquor is golden in colour is a real treat for any Darjeeling lover.40 gm