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Gentle Smoked Pearl Oolong

4.63 8 cups
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Fine handcrafting, meticulous plucking and drying under traditional woodfire dryers has shown the desired result in this batch of excellent Assam Oolong tea. A semi-fermented oolong tea, with a smokey flavour and high astringency. The same infusion can repeated twice or thrice depending on your taste and preference. When infused it produces a light golden liquor with a smokey aroma and hints of cedar and pinewood with notes of citrus fruits can felt on the palate. Do not add milk. Enjoyed best with honey.
Product Title: Gentle Smoked Pearl Oolong
Tea Type: oolong tea
Caffeine: MEDIUM
Origin: ASSAM
Flush/Season: AUTUMN FLUSH
Grade: Hand-Rolled Whole Leaf
Date of Manufacturing: September 11, 2016
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  • Mathew Watson
    08 April, 20170 replies

    Loved this Oolong from Assam, tastes smokier than Souchang but super smooth and the liquor is bright golden. I tried upto 4 brews.