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Assam Handmade Oolong

5.22 8 cups
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Assam, a new entrant to the world of "Oolongs" will not disappoint you with this limited hand-rolled signature second flush harvest. Grown organically in the Margherita Valley in Assam, this semi-fermented tea produces a dark golden liquor with a mellow taste and lower astringency profile. A hint of honey and ripe fruits lingers long on the palate, making it a perfect evening cup of tea to sit back and relax. The infused leaves are half coppery and pale yellow in colour with a hint of cedar and stone fruits. You can try it without adding sugar or honey.
Product Title: Assam Handmade Oolong
Tea Type: oolong tea
Caffeine: MEDIUM
Origin: ASSAM
Grade: Hand-Rolled Whole Leaf
Date of Manufacturing: June 18, 2016
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  • Mathew Watson
    08 April, 20170 replies

    I have been drinking Tie Guan Yin Oolong since last 3-4 years, just love its grassy floral aroma. Assam Handmade Oolong is something very unusual- malty, fruity mild briskness and a distinct aftertaste. A different world oolong.

About the Margherita Valley, Assam

A small farm in the Margherita valley in Assam, situated at an altitude of around 500ft, is known for producing some of the finest Green, Black and Oolong teas. It was during early 2000 when Mr Chakaph graduated out of college and was pretty much determined to work on his own rather than looking for a Govt job, which any graduate in his village would dream of. Always facinated by the tea industry, within no time Mr Chakaph started experimenting with tea in his small plot of land with natural and organic farming practices. Like any other small tea grower, Mr Chakaph also used to sell the green leaves from his garden to the bought leaf factories. It was during mid 2005-06 when Mr Chakaph came in contact with Mr Binod, who was also experimenting with the vrikshayurveda methods of farming in his small tea farm in Roing Valley, Arunachal Pradesh and has left him with enough knowledge to start a micro tea processing unit in his village. He still continues to hand roll the entire produce from his garden without using any mechanical techniques