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Nepal First Flush Oolong

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Oolong teas are a different world when it come to its complex flavour notes and a combination of both the world of teas- black and green. This Nepal first flush oolong boasts of floral nuances with a very good amount of briskness making it a perfect cup during a lazy day in office like any other Darjeeling Oolong. The liquor is golden in colour is a real treat for any Darjeeling lover.
Product Title: Nepal First Flush Oolong
Tea Type: oolong tea
Caffeine: MEDIUM
Origin: NEPAL
Date of Manufacturing: April 14, 2016
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  • Weider Brough
    06 April, 20170 replies

    Smooth cup of Oolong with very floral and grassy notes. Similar to any Darjeeling Oolong.

About the Ilam Valley, Nepal

A valley that lies in the lap of the mighty Himalayas, the Ilam Valley is located at the Indo-Nepal border on the Nepalese side. Adjacent to the border (and to Darjeeling) and at an altitude of around 5800ft, which is at a higher altitude than most of the Darjeeling tea gardens, a family-run organic tea plantation has rested for years. Nurtured by Mr. Ashok and his wife, Mrs. Santa, the plantation constitutes of bushes of which around 10,000 are as old as 40 years and have been planted by Mr. Ashok’s father, while around 40,000 bushes are as young as 15 years. Mr. Ashok and his wife converted to organic methods in 2007 due to the greater demand for organic teas in the international markets as well as the health benefits that organic teas provide. As Mr. Ashok is a second-generation successor to the tea estate, he has been able to expand the garden to establish a micro processing unit in order to produce teas. Besides processing leaves collected from his own garden, Mr. Ashok also collects leaves from gardens run by his extended family members, which amount to another 40,000 bushes. He has recently applied for the NASAA Organic Certification. Mr. Ashok produces around 4000 kilograms of some of the finest Black, Oolong and White teas, each with its distinct flavour and aroma that creates a tantalizing palate.