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Bohagi White Peony, Assam

11.08 8 cups
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Made from the choicest and the most delicate one leaf and a bud from one of the best Assamica cultivar found in Assam. Produced in a small organically grown tea garden in upper Assam the dry leaf emits gentle notes of stone fruits and apricots. The liquor is very smooth with subtle notes of fragrant wild orchids and a very light fruity nose. This limited batch white tea is a delight to the tea lovers because of its distinctive flowery aroma and hence considered to be a rare find among all the white teas across the world.
Product Title: Bohagi White Peony, Assam
Tea Type: white tea
Caffeine: LOW
Origin: ASSAM
Date of Manufacturing: May 14, 2017
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About the Borhat Valley, Assam

Borhat, situated in the eastern part of Charaideo district (formerly under Sivasagar district) of Assam, is a garden township that is bordered by Disang River on the east and the foothills of Arunachal Pradesh towards the south. The name ‘Borhat’ originated from the local word ‘bor’ meaning large and ‘haat’ meaning market. It is said that during the reign of the Ahom dynasty, there used to be a big weekly market held every Sunday. The Nagas and Arunachali tribes residing in the neighboring hills frequented the market. Eventually, the Borhat Township grew around this thriving market. Borhat Valley has now developed into one of the most important tea growing areas in Assam and boasts of many large and small gardens. With the beginning of the organic revolution in Assam around 2006-2007, two of the innumerable small tea growers of the region – Mr. Someshwar and Mr. Ananta – were quick enough to adopt the organic & natural ways of farming after learning about its positive effects. Both the tea planters together hold around 2 acres of land and have been manufacturing some rare varieties of exotic handmade natural green teas since 2008-09. Mr. Someshwar, who was one of the first producers of the handmade tea in the region, now holds occasional workshops to help other growers. Mr. Someshwar is also said to have planted tea during mid-1980, before anyone else in Borhat valley ever thought about planting them in a small scale since the area predominantly had tea farms owned by large corporate houses for almost a century. As is the case with most of the small tea growers who use organic and natural methods of growing tea, both Mr. Someshwar and Mr. Ananta are unable to afford certification despite using 100% organic farming techniques that are even above organic standards. The tea that they produce is entirely handmade, and hence, tantalizes one’s taste palate in unique ways.